Sourdough Petite Boule  (Local pick-up only)

Sourdough Petite Boule (Local pick-up only)

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If you find it hard to get through a whole loaf of bread, this might be exactly the size for you! It also is prefect for individual bread soup bowls. Mildly sour & chewy, 100% wild culture (no commercial yeast), organic unbleached wheat flour, stone milled whole wheat flour (sustainably grown on small farms & milled on Beck's own granite grist mill). This bread is long fermented and takes us 48 hours to create. We recommend freezing it (slice it first!) if you aren't eating it all in 1-2 days.

This product cannot be shipped, it is for local pick-up only. Please see **Bread Club Membership** for specifics regarding local ordering and pick-ups.